Our Process

To meet the challenges of every client, Franklin+Page employs a three-step project management process: Acquire, Analyze, Enlighten™.

Acquire – Through focused data acquisition, our services aggregate information from various government and private sources in one place to streamline the analysis process.

Independent Private Schools: the Ultimate Convenience!

If you've been wait-listed at a school you really need to go to, you can get in touch with the admissions director and allow them to know that if your son or daughter is accepted, you will choose that school.  Personal schools also give a robust learning experience which aids parents Independent Private Schools effectively raise the entire child.  Though many private schools offer small classes with low student-to-teacher ratios, there isn't any guarantee that such schools will continue to keep their class size below a particular level.

Analyze - Franklin+Page verifies applicability and correctness of data for our client’s purposes. By structuring and organizing the records, Franklin+Page ensures our clients work from the most up-to-date, complete data set possible.

Enlighten – The final product is intelligently structured data built to empower our clients. Our services answer a range of questions. For example: the who and where, preliminary market value analysis, identification of environmentally sensitive areas, and impacted tax jurisdictions. The tailored output can be presented in any number of formats.