The principals strongly believe G.I.S. technology aptly applies far outside of its traditional industries. If your organization would like to understand its Science of Where™, please contact us! Our expertise ensures results and we would love to be on the forefront of using G.I.S. in new industries.

Together, the combination of skills Zach and Nathaniel possess in G.I.S. project management and real estate analysis positions the company to leverage the full extent of efficiency provided by Geographic Information Systems.


Nathaniel P. Klugman

Photo of Founder Nathaniel KlugmanNathaniel Klugman has a background in Urban & Regional Planning, Geospatial Technology, and Database Management. And true to the culture of Austin, TX, he is an active musician as well, playing piano and organ in a local rock-n-roll band.

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He started his career as a G.I.S. professional while working for a large spatial data provider in the United States. In that role, he built a database to analyze geographic sales trends and guide product development. It was at that moment he caught the data bug. With the newly found passion, he has been building spatial databases to help organizations draw geographic connections. Today, Nathaniel focuses on spatial database management as it applies to urban development, target marketing, and right of way acquisition.



 Zach F. Brown

Photo of Founder Zach BrownZach Brown is an accomplished real estate investment analyst with six years of experience working with a variety of project scopes. He has developed ranch-ettes, worked on large-scale housing developments, moved homes, cleared brush, searched entitlements… if it pertains to land development, it is likely that Zach has experience with it.

He earned his Masters of Science in Land Development from Texas A&M University in 2009. Not to be outdone, Zach also stays true to the great culture of Austin. He is dedicated to healthy living, outdoor activities, and living the fit, Austin lifestyle.